About Brake Fluid

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brake fluid

Brake fluid or hydraulic fluid is contained in the brake lines of a vehicle. When a driver applies the brake, the pressure within the lines increases that in turn applies pressure to the rotors to slow or stop the vehicle. Brake fluid is either glycol or silicon-based. Glycol formulations are necessary for vehicles having anti-lock braking systems. Older types of brakes use the silicon formula. It is generally not advised to switch between fluid types in your vehicle, as traces of the former fluid remain.

Over time, the fluid commonly absorbs moisture, which deteriorates the fluid. When this occurs, the fluid must be drained and replaced. Your owner's manual typically recommends how often brake fluid requires replacing. If you notice any changes in the way your braking system functions, make an appointment with one of our Kiefer Kia technicians to have the problem evaluated. They are qualified to handle all of your vehicle needs.

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