Newer Vehicles Successfully Disregard the 3,000-Mile Oil Change Rule

There is simply no reason that anyone should be following the 3,000-mile oil change rule anymore. That rule was put in the place at a time when vehicles and oil were inefficient. Now, we are at a time that is reaping the rewards of technology in that is allowing us the ability to go even farther between oil changes.

No longer are we limited to only driving a meager 3,000 miles before we have to pay a service center to change our oil. Instead, we have the freedom to drive even further and not have to worry about doing permanent damage to our vehicles.

It is important for you to understand this and we at Keifer Kia think that by giving you this information we are not only being transparent in our services, but we are also helping you to be able to save money. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to stop by our service center located in Eugene and we will treat you right.

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