Why You Need to Schedule a Seasonal Service Session

If you live in Eugene, OR, you are familiar with our continually changing weather patterns and seasons. The summer months come and go just as quickly as spring and fall. We need our vehicles to always be in perfect working condition regardless of the season or weather. Our expert mechanics here at Kiefer Kia set up a top-level service bay to ensure your car is always in top shape.

Visit our dealership in Eugene, OR, and schedule seasonal service appointments at the start of every season to ensure you enjoy every moment spent in your vehicle. We handle everything including fluid flushes, tire rotations, wheel alignment, oil changes, repairs and replacement of spoilt parts, battery checks, among other services.

For a smooth ride on a sunny summer afternoon or a cold winter night, get in touch with our team at Kiefer Kia and schedule a service session at the end of every season.

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