Tread Is an Important Thing for Cars

Cars have more moving parts than you may know of, and all of them are integral to functions that keep the car running, or keep you satisfied to get to one destination to the next. One of the integral parts of a vehicle is its tires, and upkeeping them is essential.

Tires not only provide a way for your vehicle to make contact with the road, but they have tread, or indentations of lines and other shapes in patterns, throughout the outside of the wheel, allowing us to keep from swerving around on the road.

To check your tread, stick a quarter in it. If you can’t see the top of the head on the quarter, you may be okay to drive. If you can, however, you need them replaced. If you aren’t quite sure if the tread on your vehicle’s tires is efficient, feel free to make an appointment at the service center.

Come by and let us change and check your tires at Kiefer Kia.

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