How to Clean Your Car Quickly: 101

Cleaning your car doesn't have to take all afternoon. Most people want to go through a quick wash and then get a free vacuum service, where they can take care of most debris and grime on the outside of the vehicle. However, that doesn't always clean off all of the areas of your vehicle.

If you don't want to get a car wash, then one of the things you can do is use the hose and a microfiber sponge with soap to clean off your car's exterior.

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Think Twice Before Chowing Down on the Road, Says Experts

Nothing is more important to us down at Kiefer Kia than your continued safety on the roads. So many things can impede your ability to drive effectively, and knowing what they are and how to avoid them is instrumental in protecting both you and your passengers. To help in achieving this goal, we have listed on our favorite tips for staying safe below. Enjoy, and remember to stay mindful on the road.

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Get the Scoop on Any Used Car

Used cars can provide a great value as well as reliable transportation. When you're making a decision about the next car for your life in Eugene, being an informed consumer can be important. When you have the information you need, you can make a decision that is best suited for your needs.

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Where and What to do on a Test Drive

Knowing what to do during a test drive can help save you time. Before heading to the dealership, make sure you have a general idea about the type of vehicle you are interested in. Are you looking for something to haul a boat, or do you need a fuel-efficient compact car? Make sure you have your driver’s license with you. The dealership will need to see it before they can let you drive the automobile.

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How Car Covers Help

When you have a nice car, you want to keep it in the best condition that you possibly can. This entails getting it serviced regularly to keep it up mechanically. You might also want to consider using a car cover to keep your car's exterior and interior in the best shape.

A car cover will help to protect your car's paint from damage. Tree sap, bird droppings and grit can damage your car's finish. 

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About Brake Fluid

Brake fluid or hydraulic fluid is contained in the brake lines of a vehicle. When a driver applies the brake, the pressure within the lines increases that in turn applies pressure to the rotors to slow or stop the vehicle. Brake fluid is either glycol or silicon-based. Glycol formulations are necessary for vehicles having anti-lock braking systems. Older types of brakes use the silicon formula. 

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Tips for Cleaning Tires

When you are done washing and waxing your vehicle, take a few extra minutes and give your tires some attention. This is an area of your vehicle that can look pretty dirty and faded if you don't pay attention. This can not only decrease the overall value of your vehicle but it can also shorten the life span of your tires. Since this is an expensive purchase to make, you may want to take care of your tires now while you still can.

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Spring Maintenance Guide

Spring is here and that usually means more driving. We like to get out and enjoy the weather and go on fun road trips with family and friends. But, before you hit the road make sure you follow these tips to make sure your car is road ready.

  • Now is a great time to rotate your tires. You should check your tires for signs of uneven wear, which could indicate the need for an alignment. 
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Does Your Car Need a Tune-Up?

Has it been a while since your last tune-up? Have you ever even gotten a tune-up on your car? Tune-ups are something many car owners ignore but are important in the upkeep of your car. Delaying your next tune-up could cause damage to your car and lead to expensive repairs. Here are some signs that your car needs a tune-up.

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