Bumpy Ride? Handling a Hassle? You May Have Suspension Problems

February 16th, 2018 by

Your suspension is an important part of your vehicle’s day-to-day operation. Suspension improves handling on the road and increases comfort by minimizing the effect of bumps and vibrations. However, over time, your suspension can suffer from wear and tear from normal use, and damage can occur due to things like potholes, curbs, and even just bumpy roads. Damage to your suspension can have a profound effect on your vehicle and can cause further damage if not addressed quickly.

If your vehicle suffers from damaged or worn suspension, then it can have quite an impact on both your car’s performance and on your personal comfort. Difficulty driving straight? Bouncing and dipping during driving? These are symptoms of bad suspension, and if you’re experiencing them, it may be time to bring your vehicle in for service.

If you think that an inspection of your suspension system may be necessary, and you’re in the Eugene area, then stop by our service team at Kiefer Kia today, and we’ll help you diagnose and fix any problems.

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