Spring Maintenance Guide

April 30th, 2018 by

Spring is here and that usually means more driving. We like to get out and enjoy the weather and go on fun road trips with family and friends. But, before you hit the road make sure you follow these tips to make sure your car is road ready.

  • Now is a great time to rotate your tires. You should check your tires for signs of uneven wear, which could indicate the need for an alignment. You should also check the tire pressure. Neglecting your tires could put you in danger on the road.
  • Change out your wiper blades. Winter weather can cause damage to wiper blades. Replace them now so that you’re prepared for the rain showers springtime can bring.
  • Make sure your brakes are in good condition. If you hear any screeching, notice a spongy brake pedal, or find it harder to stop, bring your car into our service center for an inspection.
  • Don’t forget to wash and wax!

Following these maintenance tips now should help keep you safe this spring season. We can even be happy to help with Kia oil changes.

Source: Kiefer Kia

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