Think Twice Before Chowing Down on the Road, Says Experts

July 30th, 2018 by

Nothing is more important to us down at Kiefer Kia than your continued safety on the roads. So many things can impede your ability to drive effectively, and knowing what they are and how to avoid them is instrumental in protecting both you and your passengers. To help in achieving this goal, we have listed on our favorite tips for staying safe below. Enjoy, and remember to stay mindful on the road.

Hungry? Pull over! No matter how hard the 'munchies' are coming at you, the impact multitasking has on your ability to operate a motor vehicle is in no way worth the calories. Eating is JUST AS DANGEROUS as using your smartphone, a fact that is often lost on far too many drivers. Remember, any activity that takes your eyes off the road, be it food, your phone, makeup, ANYTHING, will significantly impact your ability to drive. Save it for the drive-through, and thank us later.

hat's all for now, but for more driving-safety tips, feel free to come TO see us down at Kiefer Kia.


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