What Oversteer and Understeer Mean

January 31st, 2019 by

When you hear about cars losing control in slippery conditions, it’s often the case of understeering or oversteering. These are two situations in which your vehicle doesn’t travel in the direction that you want it to.

Understeer refers to instances in which your vehicle doesn’t turn as much as you’d like it to, traveling in a straighter path than intended. Oversteer refers to instances when your car turns too sharply. In general, front-wheel-drive cars are more likely to understeer. This is because their front tires have to propel and steer the vehicle, and in some conditions, this is just too much to do. Rear-wheel drive vehicles tend to oversteer when you take turns too quickly, as all the power directed towards the rear axle can overwhelm the front end.

The industry has come a long way, and here at the Kiefer Kia service center in Eugene, OR, we offer a number of vehicles that have built-in mechanisms to combat oversteer and understeer. And, check out our service specials if you’re looking to learn and save more on the essential service your vehicle needs.

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